Wisdom begins in wonder
- Socrates


Dr. Estelle le Roux

Clinical Psychologist - Registered Medico-Legal Practitioner

For appointments: Please call 041 581 3002 or email [email protected]

Professional Services

I conduct forensic assessments on a regular basis to assist the Courts, the Office of the Family Adovcate, Legal Pracititioners and private individuals to ascertain the psychological funtioning of individuals.

Brain Pin Child Therapy

I deal with an extensive range of child related problems including separation anxiety, temper tantrums, behaviour modification, ADHD assessments, scholastic assessments and family therapy.

Brain Pin Psychotherapy

I work from a psychoanalytic perspective and do individual long-term psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults.

Brain Pin Psychological Assessments

I provide Neuropsychological assessment of children with learning and other disabilities such as ADD.

For more information about my services or practice, please contact me.

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